The A-Z of D2C

February 5, 2020

Retail’s golden child D2C is entering a painful adolescence. Learn why, and what it means to consumers and marketers.

Direct-to-consumer companies are rethinking the formula for success. Digital opened doors for smaller brands to bypass traditional retailers — and ecommerce giants.

But today’s consumers are savvier, social media platforms charge fees and competition for impressions is more expensive.

Some D2C brands have hit a customer acquisition ceiling. Their options for marketing need to expand to offline channels. Meanwhile, brick-and-mortar retailers have welcomed successful D2C brands into their traditional model. Largely on brand-friendly terms.

D2C is the hottest segment in retail because those companies have more control of success. But they need to expand their marketing approach to grow. This report looks closely at what it takes to win in retail today.

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