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A better marketing mix for today’s consumer

Both in-store and online shopping experiences have evolved dramatically in recent years. Consumers are  less hesitant than ever to search for better options. They’re more in control. And retailers need to meet them with information and offers wherever they are in their purchasing journey, whenever they want it.  

At Quad, our strategic teams help retailers make the most of their marketing budgets, so they can reach the right consumers and deliver a consistent experience from store to web to mobile. 

As your partner, we’ll bring experience and expertise you can trust — with proven success across department and discount stores, specialty apparel, electronics, home improvement, office supply, pharmacy, sporting goods, grocery and more — to deliver the complex, perfectly timed multichannel marketing you need. 

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Streamline your retail marketing

Whether you're focused on customer acquisition, improving your data collection or balancing your media mix, our experts will supply you with the right tools and insights to build a better approach.

Customer case studies

Quad's approach to retail marketing is all about reducing friction.

Benefit from Quad’s broad marketing expertise

Our experience in assisting every imaginable type of marketer can help retailers deploy the latest data-driven strategies.

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