Not just smart, Brilliant

Driven by curiosity. Powered by insights.

In today’s marketing journey, knowing your customer is one thing, but anticipating their next move is another. At Quad, we want to be there to meet customers every step of the way.

Each marketing touchpoint we create leaves a wake of data that we utilize not just to stay informed, but to predict trends. We deploy this knowledge across the multichannel strategies we create for our customers – ensuring their content is carefully optimized for their target audience.

The full force of our data engine

Over decades of experience, we’ve uncovered powerful data that sits at the core of our market intelligence services. Each area of our expertise is designed to place your marketing efforts in front of exactly the right audience. These include:

The secret to your next successful campaign

Market intelligence is what drives every decision a company can make before deploying a campaign. You have the power to be informed, predictive and cost-effective—so why not market with confidence? Quad’s market intelligence saves our customers money before they’ve even launched.

Data in motion

Quad’s marketing intelligence is used on almost every marketing campaign we help create. Below are a few of our favorite success stories.