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Accelerated Marketing Insights

Data drives direct marketing and Accelerated Marketing Insights (AMI) delivers the data marketers need to reliably engage consumers, lift response and increase ROI. A proprietary virtual testing platform, AMI identifies which consumers are most likely to be your best customers, and which offer, message and imagery will move them from consideration to purchase, at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional testing.

Testing for all channels and media

Originally developed for print media, Accelerated Marketing Insights now provides valuable data for every channel and medium — including email, social media, packaging and in-store signage, as well as direct mail and print, optimizing all of those campaign channels and putting print channels within reach of constrained marketing budgets.

Today’s rapidly evolving marketplace demands rapid responses from brands. Every successful brand has its store of consumer insights, pulled together through sophisticated testing and simple trial and error. AMI streamlines that process, producing powerful insights that will help brands continue to thrive.

Accomplished with an innovative approach

  • Layers emotional and cultural insights onto the traditional demographics and psychographics of audience identification to find consumers’ motivational triggers.
  • Uses unique personas and segmentation based on individuals’ needs, expectations and the underlying reasons for their behavior, rather than simply focusing on what they buy or what they do, which lays the groundwork for truly personalized messaging.
  • Taps an online pool of more than 60 million respondents — B2C and B2B — to create a virtual test lab that can run multiple variables at the same time vs. traditional A/B testing.

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