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More than just money: End-to-end financial services marketing that matters

Financial services marketing feels like a lot of push and pull: Create a brand steeped in tradition that also appeals to the next generation. Embrace today’s technology but honor legacy-long processes. Gather all the data but comply with stringent compliance rules.

All this while competing with fast-paced startups, waning public trust and increased demands for transparency and authenticity.

At Quad, we’ve helped leading FinServ brands navigate this evolving landscape for more than 50 years. We provide end-to-end marketing solutions, including data strategies, content production, media, direct marketing and in-store/in-branch consulting that moves consumers from awareness to action to loyalty.

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Four strategies for scaling personalized financial services marketing

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Data-first strategies built to engage new audiences

Ever-evolving consumer expectations, new digital-first competitors and increasingly complex tech integrations force financial services marketers to choose smarter, more streamlined strategies that target and engage new audiences.

Quad’s flexible, scalable and tailored solutions arm FinServ marketers with data and media strategies that captivate fresh prospects while increasing acquisition and building retention.

Breakthrough creative that drives brand demand

Today’s FinServ marketers need branding that breaks through a sea of sameness in a noisy, congested landscape. Establishing a unique identity has never been more difficult—or more imperative.

From campaign strategy to video production to augmented reality and beyond, Quad’s deep content-building expertise helps brands show up across channels to captivate audiences and deliver real results.

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Activating acquisition through omnichannel solutions

Whether on social, at the branch or in their digital wallet, consumers expect a seamless, integrated experience. In fact, customers use about six different channels when deciding on a financial services partner.

A strong omnichannel engagement plan is critical. From data-infused media strategies to pre-market asset testing to direct mail integrations, Quad connects brands with consumers where it matters most.

Instilling trust by delivering financial wellness

Customers want transparency in communication, clear information about fees and assurance that their financial institution has their best interests in mind for their biggest life moments.

Proactive financial services marketers, dedicated to educating customers on financial wellness through targeted and intentional approaches, empower consumers to make more confident decisions. You have their back. And Quad has yours.

How Quad can help

Quad Intelligence not only identifies new audiences, but helps you meet them where they are and predict where they’re going next. Infuse your strategy with segmentation, list management and marketing intelligence insights that matter.

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With its worldwide creative team, Quad produces content assets such as photography, signage, 3D modeling video and more geared to showcase your brand message while reducing production time and helping you authentically connect to your audience.

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Pair the power of digital marketing with direct mail for a more informed strategy that reaches your audience wherever they are. Targeted segmentation, virtual testing and production efficiencies at scale mean smarter, more cost-effective campaigns.

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The best marketing message can’t resonate if it’s not displayed properly. Quad provides a one-source solution for in-store/in-branch needs, from concept and design to printing, kitting and fulfillment. Quad’s state-of-the-art equipment and processes help us deliver more than 150,000 kits every month.

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Reaching your audience is tough, but automation paired with smart media strategies can help you pair the right message to the right audience exactly when they need it. Rise Interactive, a Quad company, built its Connections Plan to do just that.

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