Embracing the phygital at-home, in-store and online

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands know the path to customers can take some wild turns, requiring a masterful, everywhere-at-once strategy.

At Quad, we’re focused on helping DTC brands become household names. By delivering better experiences from the home to in-store to online, we’re increasing customer loyalty, value and market share.

Webinar: Building a resilient data strategy

Joshua Lowcock speaking during the eMarketer data webinar

Joshua Lowcock, President of Media at Quad, discusses the current state of data collection and use.

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Embracing innovation in marketing solutions

Marketers must adapt to the changing marketing ecosystem with a greater willingness to update technology, data and marketing techniques. This results in more testing and continuous learning. At Quad, we’re pushing the boundaries in testing, design, content creation and performance marketing.

Managing acquisition costs and privacy restrictions

With digital acquisition costs increasing upwards of 60 percent, and with privacy restrictions ramping up, DTC consumer marketers are more reliant on omnichannel strategies, per Business of Apps. With expertise in offline, in-home and in-store planning and execution, Quad is a DTC brand’s resilient partner.

Buckling under budget pressure is not an option

More than half of marketers say they’re facing budget pressure or simply feel like their budgets are being wasted on inefficient strategies, per eMarketer. So, they must do more with less. At Quad, we’re helping DTC brands optimize testing, creative, media and production.

How Quad can help

With a proprietary data set that provides optimized customeracquisition cost (CAC) and lifetime value (LTV) through deep insights, Quad helps brands identify new audiences, meet them where they are and predict where they’re going next.

Accelerating results with pre-market testing (virtual/physical). 

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Quad blends strategic design with an international studio network and on-location services to bring your brand to life with content that leverages consumer truths and drives action.

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Whether online, instore or at-home, DTC brands want a better customer experience. At Quad, we’re able to plan, measure and execute to meet those demands. Backed by experience and deep analytics, brands perform better with Quad.   

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