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What’s on the outside counts

Quad will help you connect your brand with your customers where they meet – in the shopping aisle — in-store or online. Imagery plays a key role in purchase decisions. According to Amazon, around 70% of consumers will choose a specific listing based on imagery, and packaging is the first image of your brand/product that shoppers see.

Packaging that catches a consumer’s attention and engages them makes your product stand out from the competition. It involves creative design, messaging, materials and construction. That’s what Quad provides, working with you at every step.

And don’t forget sustainability. It's an increasingly important consideration for consumers, especially younger generations. Quad is a leader in sustainable packaging.

Quad will help you build momentum for your CPG brand, develop dynamic promotions to engage consumers, and create packaging that makes shoppers put your products in their baskets.

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Beyond best-in-class packaging

At Quad we know that customers are focused on value, transparency and being seen by the brands they buy. Read more about how we tap into those priorities and connect your brand to that all-important audience.

Getting goods into the basket

Using packaging to improve profitability, efficiency and marketing impact.

Points of view from the CPG industry

Read unique insights from Quad experts based on our long-standing success in the retail, health & beauty and food & beverage sectors.

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