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Every corner of the consumer-packaged goods industry is evolving at breakneck speeds. Compared to 2021, the average American household now makes 10+ more trips per year to buy food and beverages, per Circana.

Quad helps brands win at-shelf with moving design, branding that connects, unmissable media and packaging that inspires purchase. Simplifying complex marketing challenges, we don’t just build creative — we design, prep and print it. We don’t just plan media — we surround campaigns with deep consumer insights to drive strategy and actionable reporting to inform what’s next.

Discover how our team of makers and innovators can build a better Marketing Experience for your brand – and get consumers acquainted with your products faster.

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3 winning ways to stand out in retail

Empowering CPG Marketers for In-Store Success, from Branding to Cart.

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Empowering brands to stand out against competition

From brand design and campaign creative, to packaging and in-store materials, Quad’s CPG solutions deliver brand consistency and distinction across a fiercely competitive marketplace. Feel confident that your product is ready to conquer the market with both virtual and in-person prototyping and design testing.

Flexible solutions, exceptional results

Quad’s tailored point-of-sale, design, media and production solutions are built for CPG brands and their unique set of needs.

Our clients get the quality and caliber of a specialty shop, plus the production power and scale of a global partner.

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A partner who knows your business

With decades of experience across the CPG market, we’re known for championing brand evolution and emboldening business growth. Quad’s track record and expertise builds better brands.

Centering sustainability

When it comes to sustainable practices, Quad walks the walk. Sustainability is infused into the designs we create, the materials we use and is at the forefront of all our brand partnerships.

Learn more about how Quad is supporting our shared environment.

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How Quad can help

Innovative design testing sets your brand up for success. Holistic measurement informs your next move. Quad’s testing, modeling and measurement capabilities deliver a 360° intelligence offering.  

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Introduce your product to the right consumers in the right place and at the right time. Leverage Quad’s omnichannel expertise from at home, to in-store, to online.  

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Quad’s strategic design, production power and on-location services bring your brand to life at speed and at scale.

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From artful and innovative design to in-house production, safeguard your products while inspiring shoppers to add-to-cart.

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Stand out with unmissable displays and signage in the final moments of the purchase journey. Our in-store design capabilities and retailer knowledge make for a standout buyer experience.

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