​The art and science of packaging

From concept and design to creation and structural testing, Quad offers an unparalleled range of advanced end-to-end packaging solutions.

Package InSight by Quad studies packaging performance, consumer attention, and shelf impact, giving marketers a unique, data-driven view of how consumers engage with products. Our proprietary solution uses the latest in biometric technology, such as mobile eye-tracking, facial coding and brain activation to deliver the fullest picture of performance possible. These capabilities complement Quad’s robust measurement and analytics capabilities, giving brands and marketers an end-to-end view of the customer journey.

Quad’s GlobalPassport™ program expands your company’s horizons and helps you manage your supply chain around the world. GlobalPassport™ leverages assets internationally to widen the reach of your product and maintain integrity and quality throughout the entire design, production and distribution process.

And by working with Quad, you’ll be partnering with a world leader in packaging sustainability across the full lifecycle of your product, from design and production to reuse.

State-of-the-art packaging solutions

Bring your product concepts to life with Quad’s collaborative approach and leading-edge solutions for activating your brand.

The total package

We’ve spent decades refining our packaging offerings in order to deliver data-driven, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for our clients. Learn more about how we’ve helped our partners perfect their packaging strategies.

Packaging for a sustainable future

Quad is doubling down on our commitment to create eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives across our packaging solutions. As businesses across industries steer away from using excess packaging materials, we’re dedicated to delivering solutions that are as economical as they are sustainable.