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Direct marketing that finds, engages and motivates customers

Budgeting under pressure to both reduce spend and improve results is no marketer’s favorite task, especially in uncertain economic times. Quad has a solution. 

We help marketers meet their KPIs with a channel-agnostic approach that includes digital innovation, deep audience insights, online-to-offline strategies and best-in-class direct mail. Because direct mail is a proven tool for delivering results.

Quad’s unique platform and honest integration across broad capabilities mean direct mail can — and should — remain part of an effective multichannel media mix. You can count on Quad to optimize direct marketing costs and increase its impact across all channels.

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Drive direct marketing performance

Connect online to offline strategies for cost-effective, high-impact campaigns.

Direct success

See how we’ve helped clients increase direct marketing effectiveness with our integrated direct mail capabilities.

Case study national health insurer

Lifting response for direct mail

Quad helped a national health insurer lift response for its direct mail campaigns.

Make direct marketing a uniquely effective tool in your repertoire with Quad’s DM solutions.

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