The results

Quad streamlined the process and exhibited transparency unseen among competitive vendors. The company saved money utilizing postal solutions and print optimization tactics to meet its unique needs and goals. Beginning in Q3 of 2023, the company will save up to 13.5 million dollars year over year. The company is continuing to apply our integrated solutions and product offerings to enhance its direct marketing campaigns.

saved year over year
Person looking through mail

The challenge

Due to shifting market headwinds and economic pressures increasing postal and material costs, this broadcasting corporation was looking to enhance the performance of its primary marketing channels. The company was set on two objectives: save money and accelerate growth. It needed a partner that could provide premium solutions within budget. The company approached Quad through the highly-competitive RFP process with distinct pain points.

The company was seeking to

  • Reduce print and postage costs

  • Optimize direct mail campaigns

  • Convert trial response rate

  • Drive app downloads/usage/streaming

  • Increase speed from receipt of customer data to in-home

  • Adopt an improved, holistic customer experience

  • Better leverage available content

Person holding and looking through direct mail items at home

The solution

Quad partnered with the company to create a new direct marketing strategy. We began by dissecting its projects and programs using meticulous postal analysis and format ideation. With a heightened level of transparency, we evaluated the company’s spending and encouraged it to think differently. We broke down the math. Line-by-line, number-by-number, we proposed a journey of collaborative print and postal solutions that generate savings and align with the company’s goals.

Postal optimization solutions

Quad utilized our expansive working knowledge of USPS processes and policies to merge multiple segments into a single mail stream and provide the following benefits to the company:

Print optimization solutions

Quad worked to find areas of improvement for the company by reducing its previous multi-format approach to three. Consolidating formats provided the following benefits:

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