The results

Improved customer experience with easier store navigation in addition to:

cost reduction of permanent signage for new store openings
cost reduction improvement over incumbents
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About At Home

At Home is a home décor superstore that takes the unnecessary frills out of retail shopping. Founded more than 40 years ago in Texas, the company now operates nearly 200 locations in 33 states. At Home offers a wide variety of items for every style and budget with a warehouse-style shopping experience.

The challenge

In-store signage is a critical part of At Home’s sales and marketing strategy. Their stores are large and their low-labor service model means they have a small team of associates working at a given time. At Home uses signage to guide customers to the right products and convert traffic to sales. The retailer had been so successful that it outgrew its service vendors who couldn’t scale to meet its needs. Their internal marketing department was also stretched too thin to be as effective as they needed to be.

Living room setup with seating, tables, and lamps

The solution

At Home first reached out to Quad to help execute and support their strategy for the in-store signage channel. This entailed:

In order to do this, Quad first put a project manager and production support onsite to work with At Home’s internal marketing team. This gave them the day-to-day insight they needed to work in conjunction with the strategy and creative teams at the Quad creative studios. Because of this new team and structure, At Home experienced significant improvement and innovation to their in-store campaigns.

After improving the seasonal campaign signage, Quad set up a similar process to support their Permanent and New Store Opening signage. This support included:

In order to provide the most value to At Home, Quad’s strategy included recommendations for entrance & decompression zones, welcome zone, directional & promotional models and merchandising strategy.

The evolution of these programs continue to improve the customer experience to achieve the ultimate goal of converting traffic to sales.

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