The results

more catalog pages published per year
reduction of creative hours on content
annual capacity increase for web change requests
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About Plow & Hearth

Founded as a lone country store in 1980, Plow & Hearth is now a multi-million dollar, industry-leading brand. Through catalog and digital sales, the indoor and outdoor home goods retailer built its success on honesty, integrity, environmental consciousness and excellent customer service.

The challenge

The industry evolves, though, as does the media landscape. For most of its history, the company put the bulk of its marketing budget into paid media — broadcast and other traditional channels. But new product launches were either suboptimal or flat, with very little return on their investment. The brand needed to reach a younger generation of customers, and to limit overhead expenses for campaigns.

Early on, Plow & Hearth was one of the fastest growing national companies because of effective catalog marketing. To take advantage of the digital environment, Plow & Hearth entered e-commerce in 1998 — but the brand’s content management system (CMS) was built for print.

Patio furniture overlooking the Naples Bay

The solution

The retailer knew it needed a CMS to integrate print and digital. Quad’s process optimization experts:

However, Marketer’s Studio still needed skilled managers to take full advantage of the technology to make the process faster and simpler.

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