The results

The new packaging is a success for all stakeholders by making folding cartons for DSC products consistent with CVS brand and placing all necessary branding and text on packages that are completely compatible with DSC fulfilment equipment. Additional benefits:

cost savings for DSC yielded by sturdier packaging with greater efficiency
decrease in label costs
in average cost savings per SKU for CVS translated from DSC’s cost savings

“We were able to keep costs low by collaborating with Quad to ensure that the structural design of the packaging was optimized from printing through filling.”

— Logan Dykgraaf, President & CEO, DSC Laboratories

DSC Laboratories and CVS Health logos

About DSC Laboratories & CVS Health Corporation

CVS Health Corporation is an American drug retailing company.

DSC Laboratories is a leading provider of turn-key formulation, manufacturing and packaging solutions.

The challenge

CVS saw its sustained growth in private brands increase sharply, necessitating the addition of another supplier. DSC Laboratories, a growing, privately owned company that manufactures creams, ointments and suppositories was well-suited but would need to ensure a packaging solution that met cost and design objectives.

Customer in aisle shopping for personal care items at a pharmacy

The solution

Re-engineering for all aspects of packaging:

Improving packaging performance for all processes:

Adding value to both DSC and CVS:

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