The results

In the first year alone, Hairless Dog’s Instagram channel increased ​followers by over 1,100% and the company went on to expand brewing production by 400% ​to meet demand.

increase in Instagram followers
expansion of brewing production to meet demand

“We set ​our sights on ​raising the bar​ of NA ​altogether.”

— Paul Pirner and ​Jeff Hollander, Co-founders, ​Hairless Dog Brewing Co.

Hairless Dog Brewing Company logo

The challenge

Hairless Dog was the first American 0.0% ABV craft beer brand with truly alcohol-free products. They strive to not only create delicious non-alcoholic beers but to raise the bar and stand out from commercial competitors in the category. They came to Favorite Child, part of Betty, a Quad agency, for help evolving their brand and packaging to do just that.

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The solution

Favorite Child partnered with the Hairless Dog’s founders to refresh the brand identity, capturing its bold, confident nature while staying true to its roots. Incorporating twists in general beer culture and phraseology, Favorite Child helped highlight the company’s unique positioning as a true 0.0% brew. Creative assets were built for online, offline and packaging use:

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