In the latest episode of “Building Blocks,” Quad CMO Josh Golden engages in a heartfelt discussion with marketing legend Antonio Lucio. 

Quad’s interview series “Building Blocks” features wide-ranging conversations with industry leaders about how they tackle marketing challenges — while also giving us an insider’s view of the building blocks they used to forge success. 

Lucio has been a brand leader for decades, most notably in his global CMO roles at Facebook, HP and Visa. He also served as Chief Innovation and Portfolio Transformation Officer for PepsiCo. He was inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame in 2022. 

Some highlights from the episode: 

  • On building a team:At my core — at my core, core, core — I am a teacher. So that means that I always, always, in every single company that I went through, I always started with the team that I had. … Most people, when you give them this challenge — and when you actually are able to articulate, and you don’t let go of the standards — are going to come up with you.”
  • On learning from failure: “You only grow if you make mistakes. For some reason, that’s the way as humans we’re built. You learn a lot more when you fail than when you are incredibly successful.”
  • On the value of mentorship: “The moment that I began to cultivate mentors outside of my companies, my life changed, because you feel significantly more support.”
  • On building a successful career in marketing: “What I tell everyone is, in order to find the love the job you love, love the one that you have. I didn’t get to love marketing until I became really good at marketing. You don’t know what you’re going to love until you get good at it. … You have to get really, really good at your craft. The better that you get at your craft, the higher positions you’re going to achieve, the more difference you’re going to make in people’s life. And if you do that consistently, really good thing things are going to happen to you. You’re going to have choices.” 

 Watch the full conversation here.