International Restaurant Chain

Founded in 1982, this restaurant chain serves the perfect food to watch sports in a comfortable, casual setting. With stores in all 50 states and now around the globe, menus reflect local tastes that make each location unique.


An international chain restaurant was growing fast to more than 1,200 locations. Franchise owners were looking for more options and needed the ability to customize menus for varying pricing and food items. Additionally, the growing number of tap craft beer selections was making it difficult for service staff to keep up with rotating selections and a store profit leader could not reach maximum sales potential. The brand was left with a customer experience that varied from store-to-store which negatively impacted their ability to increase store sales.


Quad collaborated with the brand and developed a data-driven, customized portal that allows corporate store managers and franchisees to order localized menus and in-store collateral based on user profiles and specific store attributes. A custom integration to the largest beer database was also developed for a new beer menu that is always in sync with each store’s tap lineup and keeps them in compliance of FDA menu labeling mandate. Menus are now printed ‘on demand’ for individual store needs or as a larger scale refresh with consistent quality and branding.


  • Increased menu localization – 40 versions to over 400
  • Beer menu program had 99% store adoption rates and an increase in in-store beer sales
  • Brand integrity throughout 1,200+ locations