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Quad is expanding its partnership with Package InSight, enhancing our client solutions for consumer research and speed to market.

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The Brand Experience Begins With Your Packaging

It is a Testament to Your Product’s Story

The right packaging should attract consumers and protect your product. It all starts with dynamic concepting and design backed by consumer research to create a visually appealing and highly functional product. Then, a streamlined production process takes place with less waste, more uptime and a consistent product for you. Digital, sheet-fed and flexographic print platforms offer superior quality with schedule integrity. Custom loss prevention solutions give you easy access to your records and provide security and full traceability.  

Unmatched packaging experience backed by consumer research from Package InSight creates an environment that gives brands an end-to-end view of the consumer journey. 

Powerful brand real-estate on any package

Bring your product concepts to reality with a collaborative approach and leading-edge solutions for activating your brand. Benefit from infinite packaging options, including industrial packaging, crating and global logistics services.


Before you even think about your product packaging, let Quad work with you to perform a complete business review. This crucial first step provides a thorough understanding of your business, including your process, your products and your pain points.


Evolve your brand’s image and create captivating customer experiences that can take your products to the next level. Packaging engineers will design and build prototypes to your exact project specifications as proof of concept for how the product will be experienced by your final customer and perform in your supply chain.


Experience a different interpretation of packaging premedia by applying the best thinking from Quads core print manufacturing business into your brands premedia workflow. We leverage our proven ability to identify wasted time and cost in the premedia process while delivering an outstanding client experience. You will get the attention to detail only a printer can offer if Quad prints the final packaging or not.

Print Conversion

Package manufacturing takes you from start to finish with a final product that’s ready to work for you. All materials are responsibly sourced and Quad implements lean manufacturing practices with minimal waste – which means your package is cost-effective while minimizing the environmental impact.

Supply Chain

Packaging is a key link in your business’ supply chain. Trust a partner with the most extensive knowledge and experience in the industry to manage your needs so you can concentrate on creating the best product for your customers. Quad will help you identify opportunities for cost and production advancements, then work with you collaboratively on recommendations and implementation of best practices to improve efficiency.


The global market beckons. Quad’s GlobalPassport™ program expands your company’s horizons and helps you manage your supply chain around the world. GlobalPassport™ leverages assets internationally to widen the reach of your product and maintain the integrity and quality throughout the entire design, production and distribution process. With centralized pre-production, rigorous quality assurance systems and regional expert support worldwide, let GlobalPassport™ focus on your supply chain so you can focus on what you do best.

Responsibility Comes Standard

Be at the forefront of a growing movement toward sustainably packaged products. Consider the full lifecycle of your product, from design, production and reuse and partner with a world leader in packaging sustainability. We uphold the high standards of organizations and methodologies including SQF, ISO, cGMP, 5S, SFI®, PEFC™, and FSC®. Our plants adhere to exacting quality standards and are audited by third-party organizations to assure your packaging meets applicable guidelines and regulations.

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