The challenge

Mostly Made was ready to move its products from the freezer aisle to the deli case, but there were some challenges: Its packaging wasn’t designed for refrigerated

cases, and entering this category would come with some tough, new competition. Mostly Made needed a partner to help unlock the brand’s market potential by supporting a package redesign that would stand-out on the shelf.

The solution

As the brand design agency of Periscope, Favorite Child’s capabilities were ideal to leverage for Mostly Made’s challenge. The team reconceptualized every aspect of the client’s brand from the ground up:

  • Strategy
  • Brand refresh
  • Design system
  • Package design
  • Consumer testing
  • Co-manufacturing

Favorite Child began with identifying Mostly Made’s target audiences, based on consumer motivations. This strategy created a differentiated foundation for creative that informed the refresh of the brand’s mark.

The design built on themes that appealed to consumer appetites: “helping hands,” participation, and the transformation innate in meal preparation. The new package concepts illustrated the meal as fully prepared, ready for dinner. Quad packaging engineers created custom
packaging structures that best optimized materials and fit the demands of refrigerated cases.

Quad’s packaging researchers at Package InSight conducted pre-production consumer testing to ensure the new package design was the best performer for Mostly Made’s deli debut. In the simulated shopper lab, the new package concepts were blind-tested against Mostly Made’s current design and other competitors to quantify how consumers interpreted the visual assets and imagery. With the packaging tested and perfected, Mostly Made finalized the design to launch in the market.


“To have the collaboration between designers, photographers and consumer research was like turning on a light in a dark room.”​​

—Jillian McGary, Founder & Head of Hotdish, Mostly Made

The impact​

End-to-end support through a single point of contact ensured a speedy, seamless communication structure across multiple brand-building solutions.

Mostly Made has seen tremendous results, including a 136% increase in year-over-year sales at Target. Quad continues to support Mostly Made through packaging manufacturing and in-store brand awareness.