How Bulk Mail is Sorted, Distributed and Discounted in 7 Simple Videos

May 18, 2016

Resources to help you understand the USPS, mail distribution and how postage is applied. If you find it helpful, share it with your colleagues and friends. Watch a quick trailer, above, and begin an exploration of postal fundamentals by watching our video series now.

“These are well done and helpful to educate employees at many levels.”
– Jim Brewster, CEO & President – VENUS Fashion

ZIP Codes and Intelligent Mail™ barcodes

Learn how to “read” a ZIP code, how they’ve evolved into machine readable codes and about all the information contained in the current Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb).

Mail Distribution Basics

See how bulk mail is distributed through the United States Postal System.

Presorting Mail

The key to postage discounts is presorting mail before dropping it into the USPS. Watch a quick lesson in how it’s done for Standard Mail flats.

Work Share Discounts

We’ll show you how postage discounts are applied for presorting and then drop shipping your mail.

Delivery Density Discounts

Additional postage discounts are available based on the number of pieces in a mail carrier’s route. Learn about them and how to achieve them.


Mailings from different companies can be combined to achieve postage savings that aren’t possible when mailing alone.

Co-palletization & Commingling

See how work share discounts apply to letter sized mail.