Industry Report: A Changed Beauty Industry

October 13, 2021

The beauty industry has always been resilient. But 2020 looked to be different. During a year many people spent living in sweats and seeing only digital versions of their friends/families/co-workers, analysts initially predicted beauty sales would take a 50% hit.
The predictions were wrong.
How did 2020 re-shape the beauty industry? Download the full report.

The beauty shopping basket will likely top $785B by 2027.

The Beauty Industry’s New Look

Along with every other consumer business, the U.S. beauty industry saw its future change in a flash in 2020. Here’s what you’ll learn from fresh, new research in this Industry Trend Report:

  • What new consumer behaviors are changing the face of the industry?
  • What percentage of shoppers demand inclusivity from beauty brands they buy?
  • Does sustainability really matter to beauty shoppers? (You’d be surprised!)
  • Which brands have embraced technology and gained market share?
  • Understand which beauty trends are here to stay!
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