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Marketing to men consumer report: New challenges and rewards

Quad marketing to men

New research insights trump old assumptions about how to succeed when marketing to men in the post-2020 world.

Men face their own set of stereotypes in the marketplace. Pigeonholed as a group that hates to shop but controls the purse strings—men, like women, can’t be typecast that easily.

Did you know that:

  • Only 49% of Millennial men say they’re the primary household decision-maker for buying financial and investment services?
  • Men’s priority when shopping is price?
  • Men prefer to do all their shopping online?

The report “Marketing to Men: New Challenges, and Rewards,” digs into men’s shopping behaviors, media preferences, what’s changed as a result of 2020, and more. It taps Quad’s proprietary Customer Focus® research, as well as government and other third-party data, to give marketers insights they need to find opportunities and sidestep pitfalls when selling to men.

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