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Vlasic Pickles releases limited-time pickleball collection

Conagra Brands-owned Vlasic Pickles just announced the launch of a line of pickleball gear in collaboration with accessory brand Think Royln. Called “Think Pickle,” the collection includes two 2-in-1 pickleball bags: the Double Hit Pickleball Bag and Backspin Backpack, which both include a detachable paddle crossbody bag. Other items in the collection include an insulated Pickled Cooler Bag, Shining Star fanny pack, cut-off Flash Sweatshirt, Ace Track Jacket, Ace Track Skort and Top Spin Bucket Hat — all featuring the Vlasic Stork. Ranging in price from $68 to $218, items in the collection are available for a limited time at thinkroyln.com and at select retailers. A move that just makes sense for a pickle brand, the launch of the “Think Pickle” collection is just another way Vlasic is supporting this trending sport, as it’s also the official pickle partner of the Association of Pickleball Players.

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Bumble Bee partners with boy band BBMAK for “Snack Meal, Baby” music video

Seafood brand Bumble Bee this week announced the debut of a new advertising campaign produced in collaboration with 2000s-era British boy band BBMAK, known for its Billboard chart-topping song “Back Here,” per a brand statement. All three original band members came together to create a tuna snack–themed version of their hit song and an accompanying “music video-esque ad” for Bumble Bee, titled “Snack Meal, Baby,” which features a variety of Bumble Bee products including its tuna pouches and ‘Snack on the Run!’ tuna salad kits. “Rather than pining for a scorned ex-lover,” Bumble Bee says, “the BBMAK trio are now craving Bumble Bee tuna, and ditching their other snacks in favor of the high-quality, great-tasting protein snack.” The spot is airing across CTV, YouTube, Meta and TikTok, with additional videos to be released in the coming weeks.

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Nestlé launches new frozen food line for GLP-1 weight loss medication users

Nestlé this week announced the launch of a new frozen food line called Vital Pursuit “intended to be a companion for GLP-1 weight loss medication users and consumers focused on weight management,” per a brand statement. High in protein and fiber, the products are designed to align with the appetites of individuals taking medications such as Ozempic and to support a balanced diet for those trying to lose weight. Set to hit grocery shelves later this year, Vital Pursuit will consist of 12 portion-controlled meals, including items such as pizzas, sandwich melts and bowls “enriched in nutrients [such as] potassium, calcium and iron that the prescription drug users might miss from eating less food overall,” per CNN Business’ Jordan Valinsky.

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Outshine Fruit & Yogurt Smoothies celebrates National Smoothie Day with limited-edition cocktail kit

Outshine Fruit & Yogurt Smoothies, maker of on-the-go smoothie pouches, just announced the debut of a limited-edition cocktail kit “inspired by TikTok users’ love for easy, fruit-filled cocktails and creative parents looking to use the rest of their kids’ snack pouches,” per a brand statement. The Outshine Fruit Cocktail Kit includes everything adults need to make their cocktail or mocktail of choice, with Fruit & Yogurt Smoothie pouches in three flavors — Blueberry Pear, Peach Raspberry and Strawberry Coconut — as well as two cocktail glasses, a cocktail stirrer and a $25 gift card “to purchase your drink of choice” (Blueberry Pear Mimosa, anyone?). In recognition of National Smoothie Day on June 21, the brand is giving away a limited number of Outshine Fruit Cocktail Kits, which consumersz can enter to win by visiting @OutshineSnacks on Instagram May 20 through June 22.

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