National Grocery Store Chain

Consumer packaged goods brands put a lot of trust in retailers. Some grocers stock 60,000 SKUs — 50,000 more than they did in the 1990s. Collaboration and frequent communication are critical with so many variables. Managing assets, negotiating terms and getting approvals — it’s a complex job.


For years, a small internal shopper marketing team coordinated vendor-funded promotional events through email. They attached and forwarded spreadsheets between vendors as the basis for price and placement negotiations. With 150 CPG brands in each event, the status quo didn’t work anymore. Each new channel made their method even less practical.

  • Three-month timelines hurt event relevance
  • Manual processes caused mistakes, reprints, refunds and unhappy partners
  • Multiple versions of email attachments created confusion
  • Dedicated staff managed negotiations for each cycle all year
  • Cost of overtime and rework cut into profits


After a deep discovery of processes and data for past programs, Quad found that the retailer had no reliable way to manage promotional events or collaborate efficiently.

  • The vendor promotions portal is a single source of truth for events
  • Store’s marketing team creates sponsorship packages to ease placement
  • Portal automates bid process and vendor management
  • Brands pick products based on what’s in stock through a direct-data feed
  • Winning bidders upload image assets for each ad unit’s exact specs
  • Tool gives everyone a clear, common view of final pieces for proofing


The supermarket chain counts on the portal to manage its promotional events every year — including one of the world’s largest vendor-funded retail promotions.

  • Cuts the three-month bid submission process down to two weeks
  • Eliminates error with centralized database for six events
  • Prevents miscommunication with CPG brands
  • Validates program in real time with sales data for negotiations
  • Frees up time and shares data to make more informed decisions
  • Manages 276,000 total UPCs for more than 240 brands