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What is MX?

MX is about improving the experience of marketers with less friction and smarter integration


Marketing experience (MX) is the journey of every professional marketer, from campaign manager to chief marketing officer, as they carry out initiatives to build brand awareness, earn consumer trust and drive revenue for their business.

As an MX company, Quad is committed to providing the best marketing experience we can for our clients, so they can focus on delivering the best customer experience to theirs. We do this with an MX solutions suite that is flexible, scalable and connected.

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Our MX solutions suite

Supported by data-driven intelligence and state-of-the-art technology, each MX solution is designed to streamline the complexities of marketing, reveal cost efficiencies, improve speed to market, strengthen marking effectiveness and deliver sustainable business value.

MX solution suite graphic featuring Intelligence, Creative, Production, Media, and Tech

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