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More efficient packaging reduces cost

DSC Laboratories in partnership with CVS and Quad

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CVS Health Corporation is an American drug retailing company.
DSC Laboratories is a leading provider of turn-key formulation, manufacturing and packaging solutions.


CVS saw its sustained growth in private brands increase sharply, necessitating the addition of another supplier. DSC Laboratories, a growing, privately owned company that manufactures creams, ointments and suppositories was well-suited but would need to ensure a packaging solution that met cost and design objectives.


Re-engineering for all aspects of packaging:

  • Coordination with CVS brand management entity
  • Analysis of machinery DSC uses for filling
  • Assessment for common range of SKUs for efficiency

Improving packaging performance for all processes:

  • Design for maximum speed and run efficiency in manufacturing
  • Direct coordination with brand agency for most recent logo files
  • In-house graphical location manipulation for fast approvals and changes

Adding value to both DSC and CVS:

  • Creative ways to cut costs with manufacturing improvements
  • Expertise to see opportunities for and to implement best-practices
  • Integrated solutions that pair design with production
  • Relationships with both brand agency and DSC to bridge gaps


The new packaging is a success for all stakeholders:

  • Engineered sturdier packaging with greater efficiency that yielded up to 50% in cost savings for DSC
  • Label costs lowered by up to 35%
  • DSC’s cost savings translated to an average of 3.63% in cost savings per SKU for CVS
  • Made folding cartons for DSC products consistent with CVS brand
  • Placed all necessary branding and text on packages that are completely compatible with DSC fulfilment equipment
  • Additional benefits: Labels costs to DSC lowered by up to 35%

We were able to keep costs low by collaborating with Quad to ensure that the structural design of the packaging was optimized from printing through filling.

Logan Dykgraaf
President & CEO, DSC Laboratories
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