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Combined mail / digital campaign boosts subscribers & revenue

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Special Interest Publication & Audience Development

“Oklahoma Today” is the official state magazine that showcases its history, travel destinations, restaurants, culture and experiences.

We’re always looking to grow our subscriber base and this program really worked. I was so impressed with everything the Quad team did, from the planning to the creative, the messaging, all the way through the execution.

Colleen McIntyre
Director of Operations, “Oklahoma Today”


As the official state magazine, “Oklahoma Today” covers notable events, attractions, food, history and culture within the state. Maintaining its paid circulation of about 16,000 and attracting new subscribers to its print and digital editions is a constant quest. In early 2021 the magazine wanted to see if it could increase awareness, subscribers and ad revenue, a challenge many smaller special interest publications with limited staff face.


The magazine had done direct mail and digital outreach to increase circulation before, but as one-off efforts. Quad’s Special Interest Publications team proposed an audience development program that combined optimized direct mail with digital media. The team analyzed “Oklahoma Today’s” current subscriber database to identify best customers, then recommended which additional lists to buy to find “look-alike” prospects. A direct mail piece with a Flowcode that people could scan to subscribe kicked off the campaign. The same audience segmentation drove paid search, paid social on Facebook and Instagram, and programmatic display.


The program generated massive social engagement—Facebook impressions jumped to almost half a million a month from about 50,000—and drove traffic to the “Oklahoma Today” website, with more pages per visit and a lower bounce rate. Those visits converted into new subscriptions and renewals. Compared to previous campaigns, there was a 197% increase in new orders, a 23% increase in renewals and a 71% increase in revenue.

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