The share of brands that say they don’t spend more on retail media because the overall buying process is too difficult, according to a survey of retail executives and brands conducted by retail media platform Turbyne, per Retail Brew.

$10 billion

The amount that TikTok has generated in consumer spending via the Apple App Store and Google Play combined, making it the first non-game mobile app to reach this milestone, according to an analysis by data.ai, per TechCrunch.


The percentage of U.S. adult shoppers who say they review return policies before making a first-time purchase with a retailer, according to a report commissioned by PayPal, per Insider Intelligence / eMarketer. The majority of shoppers surveyed (73%) also noted that a poor returns experience affects their decision to shop with a merchant again.

812.1 million

The number of hours Netflix subscribers spent watching season 1 of the show The Night Agent between January and June 2023, making it the most-watched show on the platform during that time, according to a just-released report from Netflix, per CNN Business. The most comprehensive metrics released by the company to date regarding subscriber engagement, “What We Watched: A Netflix Engagement Report” aligns with provisions of the Writers Guild of America contract ratified in October, which included a pledge by streaming services to increase transparency around viewing hours.

$14.1 billion

The amount for which Japan’s largest steelmaker, Nippon Steel Corporation, will acquire U.S. Steel in an all-cash transaction, according to a company announcement. Founded in 1901, U.S. Steel was an integral part of U.S. infrastructure during World War I and II, supplying steel for planes, ships, tanks and more, per the Associated Press.

$900 million

The amount for which Chobani has acquired coffee company La Colombe, marking Chobani’s entry into the ready-to-drink coffee category, per a company announcement.


The price of a vegan cactus leather napkin dispenser from Chipotle, specially designed to fit on a car visor. Per Marketing Brew, Chipotle created the dispenser in response to social media posts about customers grabbing extra napkins to store in their glove compartments.


The share of Google Chrome users who, starting Jan. 4, will be included in the initial test of Google Chrome Tracking Protection, “a new feature that limits cross-site tracking by restricting website access to third-party cookies by default,” per a Google statement. The company plans to eliminate all third-party cookie tracking by the end of 2024 as part of its Privacy Sandbox initiative.


The most recent listing price for a 24-karat 1-ounce gold bar on Costco’s website, per CNN Business. The retailer began selling the bars online in September and typically sells out within hours of listing, Costco Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti said on the company’s most recent earnings call — during which the company reported gold bar sales of over $100 million.

$39 million

Opening weekend domestic ticket sales for Wonka, making it No. 1 through Sunday in the U.S., per Variety. The Warner Bros. prequel stars Timothée Chalamet as the whimsical chocolatier.