Information they can trust

Today’s Consumers Want Clear, Information-rich Product Choices

As they browse insurance websites on their laptop, tablet or mobile device, they expect to see tools that are optimized for both immediacy and the localized way they access information.

Not only do they demand value in the products they buy, but they also want to be able to choose how they interact with you – which may include such options as intuitive online tools or a trusted local agent that offers personalized service.

To establish long-lasting and profitable relationships, it is critical for you to provide consistent, well-branded messages – built on a foundation of relevant and meaningful content – in every medium and touch point along the way.

8 in 10 customers continue to select the lowest-priced insurer—and an increasingly important driver of a new-buyer purchase experience.

J.D. Power, 2014

Make Consistency Your Best Policy

Help customers seek information and manage their policies through an evolving selection of channels. There are an abundance of tools on the market today to research and choose coverage and plans, and the needs and decisions of your audience are often driven by fast-moving life stage and household events. From starting new policies to long-term multiple product relationships, you must engage the right targets with the right content at the right time in the right media. 

  • Develop a deeper understanding of customer behaviors, preferences and motivators
  • Appeal to the preferences of audience segments with targeted creative, copy and offers
  • Execute multichannel campaigns
  • Nurture emerging and ongoing customer relationships
  • Increase speed to market and agent-based communications
  • Foster brand and customer loyalty
  • Evaluate and improve return on marketing spend

We Can Help

Make the ever-changing needs of your audience an opportunity to grow your business. By developing stronger one-to-one relationships, you can target relevant messaging with precision and offer timely suggestions as your customer progresses through the product life cycle – and as their goals and priorities evolve.

  • Link underlying attitudes and preferences with consumer behavior
  • Develop and refine campaign offers, imagery and messages to appeal to target audience segments
  • Lead with print to drive better response in other channels
  • Deliver relevant and strategically timed email and mobile communications
  • Enable the delivery of collateral and communications that are brand and message consistent
  • Use optimized video to place your brand and voice in the hands and home of your account holders
  • Measure what media and messages pull best so you can continuously improve and reach desired results

Your first priority should be to identify new and better ways to manage this multichannel marketing investment.