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Apple is investing heavily in AI

Apple is back making AI news after a quiet summer since its WWDC announcements in June. As Wayne Ma reports in The Information, the company’s AI budget has ballooned to millions of dollars per day as it seeks to add conversational AI into its Siri and iPhone products. Over at Mashable, Cecily Mauran explains further that “the picture of Apple’s plans for generative AI is coming into focus.[DSN1] [AM2] ”

One example cited in Ma’s report centers around giving “Siri the ability to automate complex tasks, like turning a series of photos into a GIF.”

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 Create Canva-generated AI images in ChatGPT

Jose Antonio Lanz writes at Decrypt that OpenAI has released a Canva plugin for ChatGPT that “could improve the way users generate visuals by offering a streamlined and user-friendly approach to digital design.” For users on the paid version of the ChatGPT app, the plugin is available and ready for use, but Lanz cautions that the results require well-engineered prompts and a willingness to work with the “newness” of the feature.

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Slack to add AI enterprise tools this winter

Salesforce’s Slack app hopes to transform from a messaging platform to a productivity hub for enterprise workers. Writing in VentureBeat, Shubham Sharma says that new features “are set to be demonstrated at Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce conference next week,” and that there will be AI additions such as a “new Lists capability for better management of assigned work, and an updated workflow builder that will allow even more users to build automations and get things done within the platform.”

The soon-to-be unveiled Slack AI will integrate generative AI into the messaging interface, offering features such as “Channel Recaps” and “Thread Summaries.” The idea is to improve productivity by enabling users to zero in on mission-critical messages.

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