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OpenAI launches DALL-E 3 within ChatGPT

OpenAI has integrated its DALL-E generative image tool into ChatGPT and has offered it up for testing to select users on Wednesday, Cade Metz and Tiffany Hsu report in The New York Times.  They write that “OpenAI is solidifying its chatbot as a hub for generative A.I., which can produce text, images, sounds, software and other digital media on its own.” In this latest release, ChatGPT can now generate digital images from descriptions, allowing users to either specify what they want or use chatbot-created descriptions to automate media creation.

According to Metz and Hsu, OpenAI is working to refine the technology, and they will not be “sharing DALL-E 3 with the wider public until next month” when it will then be “available through ChatGPT Plus, a service that costs $20 a month.”

Over at TechCrunch, Kyle Wiggers notes that the “launch of DALL-E 3 comes as the generative AI race heats up, particularly in the image-synthesizing domain. Competitors like Midjourney and Stability AI continue to refine their image-generating models, putting the pressure on OpenAI to stay apace.”

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AI everything for Microsoft Windows 11

Microsoft announced on Thursday that it’s integrating Copilot across Windows 11, effectively adding an AI assistant to every task imaginable in the operating system. Users will be able to use Copilot to query Microsoft documents using natural language, Outlook will be able to draft emails in your unique voice, and image creators will be able to deploy DALL-E 3 directly inside Bing Chat.

“Think of it as a side panel you can bring up in practically any part of Windows 11, even in the Edge browser. Its purpose is to help with mundane everyday tasks,” write Wired’s Brenda Stolyar and Julian Chokkattu. “For example, you can copy and paste text into a long email and Copilot will neatly organize all the information in a way that’s more easily digestible.”

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Google Bard can now scan your email

ZDNet’s Lance Whitney reports that Google has introduced an enhancement to its Bard AI tool, enabling it to communicate with Google’s primary apps including Gmail, Docs, Drive, Maps and YouTube. Named Bard Extensions, the enhancement acts as a central hub to pull information across Google services. Users can pose questions and the tool can scan relevant data across these platforms. “The idea is to use Bard as a one-stop shop to grab information across these different services,” writes Whitney.

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