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AI jobs salaries climb as industry grows

The AI job market is exploding. As The Wall Street Journal’s Chip Cutter notes, industries of all kinds are “wooing data scientists, machine-learning specialists and other practitioners skilled at deploying the technology.” Recruiters he interviewed say that “many companies are dangling salaries in the mid-six figures along with bonuses and stock grants to attract experienced workers.”

With demand higher than supply, Cutter sources job listings that range, on the high end, from a “product manager position for a machine-learning platform at Netflix [that] lists a total compensation of up to $900,000 annually” to the lower end, like “a prompt engineer, an increasingly common role, [with] an average total compensation of about $130,000.”

Cutter also reports that companies are realizing they must train existing employees on AI processes, while other businesses plan to acquire AI startups to access talent.

Elsewhere in The Wall Street Journal, Patrick Coffee reports on how AI can “help brands and ad agencies more efficiently target their job searches” while at the same time making it harder to sort “through CVs … because many more of those resumes will themselves be the products of AI.”

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The New York Times and OpenAI might be heading to court

Bobby Allyn from NPR reports that The New York Times is considering legal action against ChatGPT maker OpenAI over intellectual property rights related to the Times’ reporting and how OpenAI uses its content.

According to anonymous sources with “direct knowledge” of the situation, Allyn notes that “a top concern for the Times is that ChatGPT is, in a sense, becoming a direct competitor with the paper by creating text that answers questions based on the original reporting and writing of the paper’s staff.” Apparently, these sources also told Allyn that “the Times and the maker of ChatGPT have been locked in tense negotiations over … a licensing deal in which OpenAI would pay the Times for incorporating its stories in the tech company’s AI tools.”

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Google reportedly developing an AI life coach

Google is working on a new project to develop a personal life coach using generative AI. The project is still in the early stages of development, according to Nico Grant, reporting in The New York Times.

“In April, Google merged DeepMind, a research lab it had acquired in London, with Brain, an artificial intelligence team it started in Silicon Valley,” writes Grant. “Four months later, the combined groups are testing ambitious new tools that could turn generative A.I. … into a personal life coach.”

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