National health insurer

This leader in American health insurance was founded on innovative ideas for an industry undergoing dramatic change at the time. Today it serves employers and individuals of all types, including seniors and the self-employed. With diverse lines of business to help the unique needs of consumers, its associates and corporate leaders are committed to excellent customer service.


The annual enrollment period for health insurance is very brief, with little time for traditional direct mail testing. For years, this client couldn’t beat its control package or identify which specific elements worked. Even after increasing the budget for A/B and multivariate testing, results did not improve. With no growth for years, the company needed to increase enrollment and get clear answers on what should change, in a very tight timeframe.


The insurer combined its national, regional and competitor campaigns into one pool. This gave marketing an opportunity to test how top DM from past years would perform nationally. Quad’s virtual testing platform, Accelerated Marketing Insights, only needs 60 days to survey its users, which strategists select according to customer needs.

The software and virtual testing process is accurate to within 97 percent, at only 10 percent of the cost of traditional testing. Because insurers can’t send annual enrollment period mailers the rest of the year, the biggest advantage was getting results without having to mail physical pieces. Accelerated Insights tested thousands of elements to find the best combination of headlines, copy, formats and calls-to-action.


  • Accelerated Marketing Insights predicted a 19.1% lift in response
  • Included a top performing headline a week before going to print
  • Scheduled additional AI tests to optimize future campaigns