Amazon as a marketing channel: What every DTC brand needs to know to succeed

Discover how DTC brands can leverage Amazon as a marketing channel and tap into its vast pool of shopping-minded consumers in Quad’s free e-book.

November 9th, 2022

Amazon as a Channel CoverIt’s time direct-to-consumer brands stopped thinking about Amazon as a competitor and started thinking of it as an opportunity: a marketing channel that can help DTC companies grow.

How? Amazon is such a huge marketplace, increasing numbers of consumers are starting their product searches there, so advertising on Amazon—whether you sell there or not—offers a big pool of shopping-minded consumers. And because Amazon embraces digital advertising as a growing revenue stream, it offers a variety of tools and services to attract marketers.

Quad’s new free e-book, “Amazon as a marketing channel: What every DTC brand needs to know to succeed,” details the capabilities of Amazon’s advertising ecosystem and presents concrete strategies for how DTC marketers can use them to attract and motivate shoppers.

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