The December reading of the University of Michigan’s Consumer Sentiment Index, representing an 8.1-point increase from the prior month. The widely watched gauge of how consumers are feeling about the economy is now up 39% from its all-time low (of 50.0) in June 2022.


The percentage of advertisers who say they plan to invest more in creator content in 2024, for an average increase of 25%, according to a new research report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Talk Shoppe.


The spot that ChatGPT took in Morning Consult’s just-released Fastest Growing Brands 2023 report. Brands making the top 20 list — which also include PepsiCo’s soda Starry, digital payments network Zelle, fast-fashion retailer Shein and Boston Beer Company’s Twisted Tea in places two through five — were those that saw the most growth in consumer purchase consideration in 2023.


The average amount that Americans say they plan to spend on gifts this holiday season — up $52 from October and more than $100 from a year ago, per a new Gallup survey. The November 2023 estimate represents a historic high — not seen since 1999 — for Gallup’s November measures.


The average percentage by which retail ads airing during live Thanksgiving and Black Friday NFL games outperformed retail primetime ads, according to EDO, which measures online consumer engagement prompted by ads.


The price for a “churro frappe” drink at CosMc’s, McDonald’s new restaurant concept targeting the estimated $100-billion market for “afternoon beverage pick-me-up” occasions, McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski revealed during an investor presentation on Wednesday, per CBS News. The first CosMc’s location opened last Thursday in Bolingbrook, Illinois, outside of Chicago, with up to 10 additional pilot locations slated to open in Texas next year.


The share of healthcare executives who say their organization will likely implement or purchase generative AI solutions in the next year, per a just-released KLAS Research survey.

$22 billion

The estimated amount that marketers could cut from the collective $88 billion spent annually on advertising across the open web by creating efficiencies and eliminating waste, according to a just-released study from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), per Ad Age.


The forecasted percentage increase in global ad spend in 2024, for a total of $752.8 billion, largely due to media inflation, according to Dentsu’s latest Global Ad Spend Forecasts report.


The percentage of grocery shoppers who say transparency around ingredients and how food is made is important — up from 72% who said the same in 2021 — according to The Food Industry Association’s Transparency Trends 2023 report, per Grocery Dive.

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