QLife Wellness Rewards

Boost your wellness and your wallet

QLife Wellness Rewards is open to all employees and spouses enrolled in a Quad medical plan. Participants who complete each of the steps outlined below in any order will qualify for a year end cash incentive of $250. (That’s up to $500 for an employee and spouse!)

In order to receive your QLife Wellness Rewards incentive, you must create/update your Wellness Online account and acknowledge the Authorization Form. Your specific health and wellness results will not be shared with anyone at Quad. Failure to acknowledge the online Authorization Form will prevent QuadMed from sharing that you have completed the incentive requirements and you will not receive the $250 QLife Wellness Rewards incentive.

Once you’re logged in to your Wellness Online account, you can check your QLife Wellness Rewards status by selecting Home > Rewards.

For help logging in, visit myQuadMed.

Opportunity runs Jan. 1 – Oct. 31, 2023

Make a difference

Dedicate time to community involvement and giving back. Share your experience with us to ensure it counts towards QLife Wellness Rewards

Visit a wellness coach or nutritionist

Make an appointment with a Wellness Coach or RDN, who can help you achieve total well-being through education, setting realistic goals and making incremental changes in your life

Well-being activities

You have options and flexibility to choose from a variety of activities, including participation in webinars, virtual classes, medication therapy management, preventative exams, 5Ks, BRGs, virtual primary care and other opportunities

QLife 5K Walk/Run/Roll

Participate in the annual QLife 5K for a chance to win Qlife swag and count your 5K towards Qlife Wellness Rewards.

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