The challenge

ColourPop is a beauty brand that lives up to its name: its award-winning products are bold, bright and a favorite among beauty bloggers. Founded in Los Angeles, the company imagines, tests (on people, not animals), develops, and manufactures their cosmetics and skincare products entirely in-house, allowing them to keep their quality standards high while their price points stay low.

With new products launching biweekly, ColourPop wanted to boost their return on advertising spend (ROAS) while also expanding their reach. They turned to Rise Interactive, a Quad company, to develop a solid, long-term testing approach that would keep their current fans engaged, attract a new audience of believers and drive results.

The solution

Rise Interactive centered their strategy around Facebook and implemented a three-pronged, data-driven approach:

Part 1: Scale smarter

The team crafted an intelligent campaign structure and process that balanced launch campaigns with proven winners already known to drive results, while leveraging Facebook’s campaign budget optimization (CBO) system to dynamically allocate budget to the best-performing ads.

Part 2: Crack the code

The team also established a consistent creative testing and measurement framework to generate applicable insights. The learnings allowed ColourPop to better tailor content for its audiences and drive home the benefits of the company’s affordable products.

Part 3: Perfectly curate

Using learnings from their targeted testing, the team was able to pinpoint ideal audiences, and exclude those who weren’t the best fit. This move, which included testing across lookalike audiences, maximized campaign efficiency and helped ColourPop get the most out of every ad dollar.

The results

ColourPop saw a 19% increase in average order value, a 124% increase in revenue and a 74% increase in prospecting ROAS (return on ad spend).

average order value
increased revenue
prospecting ROAS