3D Commerce

Reality-grade 3D scanning at scale

For marketers who need to move fast and efficiently, Quad introduces the first automated scanning solution in the U.S. Using Covision Media’s leading-edge computer vision and machine learning technology, Quad delivers the industry’s finest quality and geometry in a relightable 3D model. Increasing marketing velocity and meeting KPIs at scale has never been easier.

Each 3D model can be utilized for a range of applications including e-commerce, 2D virtual product photography, 360 omnidirectional spin, virtual try-on (VTO), AR/VR experiences and more.

Who we serve

Our all-new solution simplifies content creation workflows, maximizes reach and amplifies brand impact with a single digital asset.

The Quad difference

Reality-grade imagery provides best-in-class photorealistic
3D models

Relightable for seamless integration into virtual environments

Consolidate workflows with a single digital twin 3D asset that saves time and boosts efficiency


Suitable for scaled delivery of rigid products including footwear, small handbags/accessories, toys, tools and more with a maximum object size of 15.75” x 15.75” x 19.7” (40cm x 40cm x 50cm)

  • Virtual 2D Photography
    Easily produce photorealistic 2D photos at any angle from a single scan

  • Product Videos
    Create multiple product videos from one 3D scan

  • AR/VR
    Integrate relightable 3D models into augmented and virtual reality environments

  • VTO
    Use assets in virtual try-on technologies for mobile apps and websites

  • Generative AI
    Add reality-grade 3D image assets to generative AI databases

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