Behind the Scenes: Watch Quad Studios Scale Creative Content Production

April 15, 2021

Jimmy Richardson, Vice President Quad Studios, knows 2020 was extremely problematic for creative studios across the globe. Complete shutdowns, remote work challenges and impossible barriers to receive products or samples were just some of the reasons Quad teams became part of the solution.

With 17 independent and onsite studios across the globe—6 in the U.S.—running 24/7, clients can stay on track and on time.

“From Sussex (Wis.) to San Antonio (Texas), Morrisville (N.C.) to Manipal (India), NYC to Hong Kong, I’m so proud of our global teams and the work that we’ve done to keep productions going,” Richardson says. “Whether in-studio, on location or work from home, the show must go on. We are doing all we can to make sure it does.”

That can-do focus continues as newly adopted consumer shopping behaviors fuel the demand for online content. Leading-edge studio capabilities—video, photography, CGI, content production and augmented reality—position Quad Studios as a go-to resource keeping marketers competitive, productive and efficient.

“We have helped clients get past thinking all services have to be under one roof,” Richardson says. “Our global resources provide flexibility and speed up asset delivery. We have the resources and talent to quickly execute any content need.”

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