Watch now: Building a resilient data strategy webinar

From health data litigation to nationwide legislation, you won’t want to miss Quad’s resilient data webinar with eMarketer

April 15th, 2024

In a time of cookie-deprecation and increased privacy regulations, capturing and utilizing health-consumer data requires more strategy than ever before.

Quad partnered with eMarketer on this educational webinar featuring Joshua Lowcock, President of Media at Quad.

Lowcock walks marketers through the current state of data collection and optimization and offers some real-world examples of brands that are doing it right.

Tapping the power of consumer attitudes report cover

To see health marketing data put into action, we invite you to download Quad’s research report: Tapping the power of consumer attitudes.

In this proprietary attitudinal research, Quad Analytics uncovered what health-insurance consumers value most. We segmented these values into attitudinal clusters so marketers can use this research and analysis to inform effective marketing that ultimately increases sales.

In this report, you’ll learn about:

  • The three distinct attitudinal segments and what each uniquely values most in health-insurance features and benefits.

  • How segmentation can help you create personalized messaging to better connect with intended audiences.

  • How Quad’s predictive model can be applied to prospect and member files.

  • How this research and modeling methodology can be similarly deployed to improve business results in all other health subsectors.

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