From the share of consumers concerned about their personal finances to the amount that Google is set to pay Reddit in an AI-training deal, these are the data points we’re paying attention to right now.


The percentage of omnichannel shoppers who will search elsewhere online if their grocery store has items out of stock, according to 84.51°’s Consumer Digest: Omnichannel Trends February 2024 report.


The percentage increase in sales that L.L.Bean has experienced since January for its iconic Boat and Tote, a canvas tote bag that’s been handmade in Maine for 80 years, per Marketing Brew. The brand attributes the sales surge to, in part, multiple recent endorsements from TikTok influencers.


The monthly cost of the new MLS Season Pass on Apple TV+ (or $12.99 per month for existing Apple TV+ subscribers), which allows viewers to stream every Major League Soccer (MLS) game without blackouts, per CNN Business. The move is part of a 10-year, $2.5 billion deal struck last year between Apple and MLS.


The share of active U.S. adult TikTok users who “produce 98% of all publicly accessible videos from this group,” according to a just-released Pew Research Center report. In other words, per Pew, “A small share of users are responsible for producing the majority of TikTok content.”


The approximate average percentage of consumers who “consistently cited personal finances” as their “primary concern over the next few months” in monthly surveys throughout 2023, according to Numerator Visions’ 2024 Consumer Trends report, per Chain Store Age.

$140 billion

The amount that global retail media ad spend is projected to reach in 2024, accounting for over one-fifth of all digital ad spend for the year, according to a just-released Insider Intelligence / eMarketer forecast.


The approximate number of people who lined up for a one-day event to trade in a worn pair of tights or leggings for a complimentary pair of Athleta’s Salutation Stash Tights at select stores in New York City earlier this month, per Retail Brew. (The trade-in event was also held at stores in Dallas, Chicago and Washington, D.C.)

1 billion metric tons

The amount of greenhouse gas emissions that Walmart has eliminated from its supply chain — six years ahead of schedule — as part of its Project Gigaton initiative, according to the company’s Q4 earnings call, per Supply Chain Dive.

$273 billion

The market cap increase experienced by chipmaker NVIDIA last Thursday, for the largest single-day surge ever for any company on record, per CNN Business.


The share of consumers who say they don’t factor in loyalty programs when picking where to shop, per a new survey from Upside.

$60 million

The approximate annual value of an AI content licensing deal that Reddit has signed with Google, allowing the tech giant to train its AI models on Reddit content, per Reuters.