From the purchase-intent advantage of “cool” brands among young consumers to the growing augmented reality (AR) advertising market, these are the data points we’re paying attention to right now.


The share of 13- to 39-year-olds who say they are more likely to purchase from brands that are considered cool, according to a survey by youth research organization YPulse, per Axios. YPulse defines “coolness” as “unique and stands out from their competitors,” noting that celebrities and influencers have a “coolness” factor that Gen Zers and millennials find appealing.

1.4 million

The total hours of playtime that the 3D visualization of the NHL All-Star Game in Roblox had as of last week, per Marketing Dive. The league’s Roblox experience, NHL Blast, offers a full replay of the Feb. 3 NHL All-Star Game — the first entirely 3D virtual game rendered by a professional sports league on the platform, according to the NHL.


The percentage of food companies (including retailers and their suppliers) that have established nutrition, health and well-being strategies to align with consumers’ increasing focus on healthy eating, according to a just-released survey from the Food Industry Association.


The minimum credit score individuals must have to be eligible to join the new pop-up dating app Score, per Morning Brew. Developed by financial wellness platform Neon Money Club, the limited-time app is designed to connect people who exhibit similar levels of fiscal responsibility.


The share of B2B content marketers who say they face challenges creating the right content for their audience, according to a survey from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs, per Insider Intelligence / eMarketer.


The cost for a “Take Back Bag” from new retail recycling and rewards platform Trashie, which people can fill with their used clothing, shoes, accessories and linens from any brand (in nearly any condition) and mail back to the company using a prepaid shipping label, per Retail Insight Network. In return, customers earn rewards that can be redeemed at popular retail outlets.

$1.2 billion

Projected revenue of the AR advertising market in the U.S. in 2024, per a statement from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Media Rating Council. In light of this growth, the organizations recently released their Augmented Reality Measurement Guidelines to ensure clarity and consistency around the measurement of AR advertising campaigns.


The maximum number of hashtags that Instagram is allowing some users to include with their posts, per Social Media Today. The Meta-owned social media platform is reportedly experimenting with new limits on hashtags in an attempt to thwart spammers.

$55 million

The amount that Wendy’s said it will invest in incremental advertising for its breakfast offerings over the next two years, per the company’s latest earnings call. The announcement comes as market research firm Technavio projects a 5.31% compound annual growth rate for the breakfast food market through 2027, per Fox Business.

$35 billion

The approximate amount Capital One will pay to acquire Discover Financial Services in a deal announced on Monday, per The Wall Street Journal.