Brand and deliver

Consumers Are Increasingly Focused on Value

There has never been a bigger opportunity for brands – both challenger and private label – to succeed together in the consumer packaged goods environment.

Capitalize in this environment by driving revenue through innovative solutions that connect your brand with consumers at the shelf. Leverage data to build momentum and engagement with consumers along the path to purchase.

Our deep-rooted success in retail, health & beauty and food & beverage offers you valuable perspectives to help you create and deliver dynamic promotions that capture the heart and mind of the consumer.

Millennials will spend $65 billion on consumer-packaged goods over the next decade, which makes them one of the most important cohorts for grocery stores and retailers.

Attract Consumers

As competition ramps up amongst CPGs, you’re most likely looking for new ways to get your products into your customers’ shopping carts. Multichannel campaigns that align with product launch and in-store dates can foster both loyalty and industry acceptance of your brand – while generating a positive return on every marketing dollar you spend.

  • Deliver timely and relevant marketing messages directly to the consumer
  • Command more attention in the store
  • Inspire consumers and support your brand promise
  • Build market awareness and the desire to purchase
  • Foster consumer loyalty, and repeat purchase

We Can Help

Bring your brand to the forefront. Our solutions for CPG marketers help you reach shoppers with innovative packaging solutions and multichannel programs.

  • Connect consumers to product samples delivered directly to their mailbox
  • Capture impulse with point-of-purchase displays that align with product size and store layout
  • Create a decision-making moment at the store shelf with specially designed paperboard packaging
  • Create market awareness using custom ad inserts that hold coupons or samples in consumer-focused magazines
  • Deliver data-driven, personalized offers that inspire action