The challenge

The team at Christie’s International Real Estate needed assistance producing a corporate brand video to share across social media platforms, one that could give the brand an immediate standout, help its real-estate associates impress, and bring the brand positioning of “where luxury lives” to life. They needed progressive content that captured the narrative of sophistication and luxury associated with the Christie’s name while helping clarify its relationship with its parent company @Properties. With no opportunity, budget, or time to produce original live footage, they had to rely on existing footage prohibited by coordination and creative setbacks, budgets and licensing, and accreditation complications.

The solution

Quad’s production and creative professionals worked with the client to visualize an intriguing story to sell the aspirational mystique of the Christie’s brand. They added a theatrical visual strategy designed to draw in viewers to exclusive properties, and the resulting video artfully captured the beauty of the properties with the elegant lifestyle associated with Christie’s. Equally important, the seamless blend of new with existing footage swiftly negated any pre-existing licensing issues. Finally, music and sound design were employed to enhance the overall cinematic effect.

The impact

In the words of the Christie’s International Real Estate CEO, the video instantly “created remarkable traction for their teams.” Executive brokers praised its cinematic “Hollywood quality.” The video is featured on Christie’s main YouTube page, garnering thousands of views worldwide. It will continue quickly reaching potential clients and realtors through social media and internal presentations. In addition, Quad’s creative and strategic thinking opened conversations for other immediate video solutions, including a second video project for the parent company of Christie’s International Real Estate, @Properties.