Tapping the power of consumer attitudes

New attitudinal data shows how predictive models can generate improved results for health marketers.

Download “Tapping the power of consumer attitudes” for a look at how Quad’s research and analytics provides payors with a powerful new tool set.

Tapping the power of consumer attitudes report cover

Data is top-of-mind for health marketers these days, but not all data is created equal.

When it comes to health marketing, the best data keeps you lockstep with your target customers. The key to collecting the data that you need starts with understanding consumer attitudes and what they value most from you. But just like data, not all attitudes are the same.

In this Quad Insights report, you’ll learn about: 

  • Quad’s proprietary research across a national representation of consumers and their varying attitudes about health-insurance features and benefits.

  • Three distinct, attitudinal segments uncovered and how each group values their insurance providers.

  • How these segments can help you create personalized messaging that has the most impact on your audiences.

  • How Quad’s predictive model based on this research and segmentation can be applied to your prospect and member files.

  • How these insights ultimately can lower costs and improve business results across all health subsectors.