Quad 2024

Postal Conference

Quad’s 23rd Postal Conference brought together commercial mailers, USPS officials, industry insiders, Quad leadership and other stakeholders to review challenges facing the mail industry and discuss strategies for responding.

Topics ranged from a preview of the Postal Service’s plans for the next round of pricing changes, presented by Sharon Owens, USPS VP of Pricing & Costing, to discussions of how companies in the publishing, catalog, retail, and direct mail industries are managing rising costs, to the future of mail distribution. View session recordings below.

Postal sessions day one

Welcome with Joel Quadracci

USPS Pricing, Direction & Impacts with Sharon Owens

Maximizing the efficiency of your mailing with Brian Schneider

The Future of Mail Delivery with Jeff Henke

USPS Postal Promotions & Incentives with Kara Richmond

Postal sessions day two

Mill to Mailbox with Chris Grond and Adam Craft

Offline to Online Solutions with John Puterbaugh

Time to Take Action with Jeff Henke