Eliminating Complexity for a Frictionless Marketing Experience

Uncover what marketers need for success in 2024 in Harvard Business Review Analytic Services’ research report, sponsored by Quad.

HBR-AS research 2024 report cover

Why are marketers feeling stagnant?

If only 30% of today’s marketers consider their efforts “very effective,” according to HBR-AS, we’ve got a marketing crisis. In “Eliminating Complexity for a Frictionless Marketing Experience,” a new research report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services sponsored by Quad, experts uncover why so many of today’s marketing executives feel unsuccessful in their work. Moreover, the research goes a step further and dives into what the marketers who are satisfied with their efforts are doing right. HBR-AS surveyed 527 global marketing executives at organizations with 10,000+ employees. The marketing research answers questions like:

  • Why does today’s media mix overwhelm marketers?

  • What does smart partnering look like?

  • Why are marketers reallocating their marketing mix?

  • What role does data play in course-correcting?

Download “Eliminating Complexity for a Frictionless Marketing Experience,” for insights into what’s next for successful marketers.