Amazon as a marketing channel

Quad’s new free e-book, “Amazon as a marketing channel: What every DTC brand needs to know to succeed,” details the capabilities of Amazon’s advertising ecosystem and presents concrete strategies for how DTC marketers can use them to attract and motivate shoppers.

What DTC brands need to know about marketing on Amazon

It’s time direct-to-consumer brands stopped thinking about Amazon as a competitor and started thinking of it as an opportunity: a marketing channel that can help DTC companies grow.

  • With its immense reach, Amazon is becoming the go-to platform for consumers initiating product searches, making advertising on Amazon a valuable strategy.

  • Amazon’s vast user base comprises a significant number of consumers actively searching for products. This presents an opportunity to reach a pool of highly motivated shoppers, whether you’re selling on Amazon or not.

  • Amazon recognizes the importance of digital advertising and provides marketers with a wide array of tools and services, making it easier to connect with their target audience effectively.