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Quad MKE

Quad MKE is a recruitment, training and retention hub that works to connect Milwaukee’s central city community to family-sustaining careers.

Located in the Century City Tower in central Milwaukee, it represents Quad’s commitment to partnering with community leaders to bring much-needed investment to central Milwaukee neighborhoods. And it reflects Quad’s foundational values, which include enhancing the communities where Quad employees live and work, providing educational opportunities to more people, and making the industry and Quad more reflective of a diverse population.

Project Impact

Quad is currently recruiting entry-level General Laborers within the city of Milwaukee to fill part-time, as needed openings in Sussex. Quad is committed to hiring hard working individuals and providing support to remove barriers to employment. Partnership with local community agency provides monthly career readiness workshops along with employment support to ensure the success of our employees prior to starting at Quad.

More about Quad’s community outreach

Our community partners

Quad MKE collaborates with a variety of community organizations in Milwaukee, building on partnerships that Quad has already established. Initiatives include workforce development, mentorship, literacy and community health. We support these organizations by sharing financial resources, offering in-kind services, volunteering, and working together to imagine and create new opportunities.

We are proud to partner with these community organizations

30th Street Corridor
Clean Wisconsin
Hands on Training
Innovative Educational Solutions Institute
The New Horizon Center

Northwest Side Community Development Corporation
Advanced Ionics
Present Power Systems, LLC
Young Enterprising Society
Wisconsin Voices
Department of Workforce Development