Rebecca Holappa, head of Quad’s Sussex, Wisc., operations, was named a 2024 Women MAKE Awards Emerging Leader earlier this month. Awarded by The Manufacturing Institute, the honor recognizes her 25-year journey in manufacturing, culminating in her leadership position at Quad’s Sussex headquarters.

“During my time at Quad, I’ve been privileged to connect with inspiring leaders who’ve been exceptional role models, offering countless opportunities for innovation across business units,” Holappa said. “I am truly humbled to be included in this year’s Women MAKE Awards honoree list and am committed to sharing my journey and empowering other women within and beyond the organization to pursue fulfilling and impactful work every day.”

Rebecca played an instrumental role on the cross-functional team that established Quad MKE and the redevelopment project at Melvina Park. Both projects demonstrate her dedication to creating inclusive, thriving environments – inside and outside the workplace.

“Rebecca has broken new ground, not only on the manufacturing floor but also through her significant contributions to Quad’s culture, community and workforce development,” said Dylan Blohm. “She’s had an immeasurable impact. Her ongoing commitment to mentoring the next generation of women reshapes today’s manufacturing landscape and paves an inspiring and transformative path for the future.”

The MAKE Awards annual program celebrates women who have demonstrated excellence and leadership in their careers across all levels of the manufacturing industry, from the factory floor to the C-Suite. The program recognizes women who lead in science, technology, engineering and production.

To view and learn more about Rebecca’s award announcement on the Manufacturing Institute’s website, click here.

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