The results

Kasasa can now offer clients a proven personalized, flexible, turnkey DM program. They’ve expanded print capacity and improved speed to market, going from monthly runs to weekly while cutting postage costs.

DM piece increase to run size

“With Salesforce and JourneyMail™, we can identify the right consumers with tailored messaging and create real marketing returns more efficiently than ever before.”​​

Keith Brannan, Chief Marketing Officer, Kasasa

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About Kasasa

Kasasa is a financial technology and marketing services company that provides community financial institutions with world-class marketing, dedicated consulting services and innovative products including reward checking accounts and the first ever loan with take-backs™

The challenge

Kasasa provides marketing, consulting and direct mail (DM) services to local financial institutions. But their DM business wasn’t scalable, requiring manual list management that made life difficult for their clients who struggled to personalize offerings.

The solution

Quad implemented JourneyMail™, an app for Salesforce that provides templates to easily customize DM pieces with personalized images and offerings. By streamlining workflows, the team could complete everything in one efficient sprint, and DM pieces could be automatically triggered by email and other channel engagement activity.

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